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Marie Delprat - Katelyn King

…members Marie Delprat and Katelyn King were drawn together by their interest in extraordinary, non-conventional music practices. The ensemble was founded while the members were studying at the Hochschule der Künste Bern in the Théâtre Musical department. During their studies the members participated in various projects. In 2016 they performed over 60 hours in Till Wyler von Ballmoos’ production The Navidson Records, a New Music eater Installation originally premiered at the Münchener Biennale für Neues Musik Theater. The ensemble has participated in masterclasses and workshops with directors and composers such as Matthias Rebstock, Stefan Wirth, Boris Nikitin, and scenographer Tassilo Tesche. The ensemble’s main objective is to match their musical creations, corporeal commitments, and visual conceptions. Above all, the members seek to push the limits of their instrumental musicality through new forms of composition. The founding members compose their own creation-productions, but often collaborate in each project with other musicians, composers, choreographers, scenographers, sound and light designers, and visual artists. In 2017 to 2018 Ensemble Aabat performed in festivals such as Festival de la Musique Short Form Thirty-Thirty in Bordeaux, FR; Usinesonore in La Neuveville, CH; Musikfestival Bern in Bern, CH, and has worked with institutions such as IGNM and Pakt! in Bern, and La Founderie in Le Mans, France.

Current Projects for AABAT SEASON 2020/2021

 _messages (2018-2020)

When was the last time you felt awe during a performance? Not impressed or great respect for: the scenography, dramaturgy, musical composition, performative accuracy, display of stream-lined theatrical elements, but truly surprised by something occurring in the space around you – the last time you felt amazed by a performed moment that was completely unforeseen?

Ensemble Aabat introduces to you a production which guides its audience into unforeseen performance situations. A work that entices audience members and incites them as they are guided through a large theatrical space and time in varying, unexpected ways.

_messages is a collaborative work from StentonDotPress (Richard Stenton) and Katelyn King that draws parallels between the two meanings of the word medium–the medium as a human connector to the afterlife, taken from the Spiritualist Movement in the US and UK beginning in the 1840’s–and the medium as a communicative tool we use to relay content. Both forms contain messages.

Originally conceived during the 2018 Darmstadt International Summer Courses as a part of the Artistic Research seminar, _messages had the format of a guided new music theater installation for one person at a time. The artistic interest during the seminar was to use technological media to enhance a theatrical setting of a séance, to re-create the feeling of a present unknown.

New Commissioning Project with Swiss Composers Antoine Chessex and Arturo Corrales (2019-2020)


A new collaboration between Ensemble Aabat and composers Arturo Corralès (Geneva) and Antoine Chessex (Zürich) proposes to approach the compositional gesture in a multi-faceted and fragmented way.
The structure of the piece is articulated in two main parts thought as two complementary dimensions of the same sound universe. Each composer will thus propose a new work conceived in resonance with its otherness and resulting in an immersive journey into the sound material. The aesthetics of the piece will concretise a monolithic approach deconstructing a dichotomy of timbres, densities and instrumental dynamics:

Thus, like two monochromes, the compositions of Chessex and Corralès will explore by turns the saturation, the volume, the information overload and the masses of dense electro-acoustic materials but also the reduction, the tension while suspended dynamics and the minimal gesture. Both parties will explore two different but complementary modes of deconstruction of sound, time and space. More specifically, a particular work will be done on the transformation of acoustic sounds and their diffusion: Corralès will explore the potential of computer music for the processing of the instruments of the ensemble while Chessex will develop an analog device where the instrumentalists will treat themselves their instruments using filters and effects resulting in electro-acoustic microtonal masses. The two composers will work closely together for the duration of the project to ensure the coherence and the structural complementarity of each piece, thought as one and the same entity.

The installation of this sound sculpture will be done in interaction with a light and diffusion device guaranteeing homogeneity and continuity in the transversal artistic gesture of the project. During the working phases, the composers will explore the articulation and implementation of their musical vocabulary in permanent dialogue with the instrumentalists of the Ensemble Aabat, thus allowing a substantial exchange around musical research and sound experimentation. The relationships between different instruments, amplification and diffusion techniques, the exploration of dualisms such as acoustics / electronics or analog / digital, as well as the development of new forms of notation will all be fundamental dimensions that will be explored collectively. during the realization of this new work.


Arturo Corralès (CH), composer

Antoine Chessex (CH), composer 

Ensemble Aabat:

Marie Delprat, musician

Katelyn King, musician 

Ruben Mattia Santorsa, musician 

Miao Zhou, musician