Photo : Hache Villon / Bords de Garonne - Bordeaux (FR)

Photo : Hache Villon / Bords de Garonne - Bordeaux (FR)


A native of Bordeaux, France, Marie Delprat is a musician who morphs into many artistic roles. Although Marie has extensive training in baroque recorder performance, her practice can be split between two halves: early music and new music theater. Instead of creating a dichotomy out of the two worlds, Marie’s aesthetic involves the combination and lifelong adhesion of both. 

Through projects like her Master degree creation RAGE (2017, performed at the Il Divertimento Festival, IT 2018) and HOME (2018, Musikfestival Bern CH), Marie works not only as performer/flutist, but also curator and collaborator. 

In ongoing projects with the dance company Rotes Velo (Synekdoche Dada), and dancer Olive Lopez (ENRAGED–a continuation project of RAGE), Marie is focused on developing dialogues between dance and music–body and instrument–Peatzold recorder and electronics. Her musical work as a composer and musician, is to develop a further relationship between the synthesis of the Peatzold recorder and electronics and can be seen through projects with guitarist Rubin Mattia Santorsa (Label Kairos recording 2017). 

Marie holds above all her practical work as an example and reflection in her teaching practice. Incorporating new music theater into pedagogy is a passion that Marie relays not only to her private recorder students, but to any beginning instrumentalist or musician. 

Marie is a founding member of two ensembles based in Switzerland: Ensemble Aabat and Ling’Ring Lights. Formed in 2016/17 with members Noémie Brun and Katelyn King, Ensemble Aabat is an ensemble oriented towards new creations of new music theater collaborations. The ensemble’s main objective is to ‘match,’ in the Baudelairian sense, their musical creations, corporeal commitments, and visual conceptions. Above all, the members seek to push the limits of their instrumental musicality through new forms of composition, those found in the realm of new music theater. Aabat has performed in festivals such as Usinesonore (CH), trentetrente (FR), Musikfestival Bern (CH), and has worked with institutions such as IGNM and Pakt! in Bern, Ufferstudio in Berlin, and La Founderie in Le Mans, France. 

Ling’Ring Lights (translated to ‘persistent lights’), is an early music ensemble naturally tuned towards the art of eighteenth century music transcription. The ensemble, made of two recorders, harp (Céline Pasche), and harpsichord (Adrien Pièce), has an extensive repertoire that includes both original and unknown works for its instrumentation. The ensemble performs their concert series ‘Escales Musicales’ regularly in the English church in Lausanne (CH). 

Marie has a Bachelor in Classical Music Studies from the Hochschule der Künste Bern, under the direction of Michael Form (2015), with a pre-college study under the direction of Pierre Boragno in Versailles. She also holds a Master in Composition and Theory in Théâtre Musical from the Hochschule der Künste Bern (2017), and is currently working towards a Master in Pedagogy to be completed in 2019. 

Producer : Maxine Devaud